We recently sat down with the popular Dayton, Ohio-based gourmet grocer, Dorothy Lane Market (DLM). DLM has built a loyal customer base on its specialty food and great service, and some of DLM’s most in-demand items are found in its in-store bakeries!

What’s the most popular fresh item, you ask? Why, that would be DLM’s artisan breads, which account for more than 2.5 percent of the stores’ weekly sales. Director of Bakery Operations Scott Fox calls artisan breads the stores’ number one “destination item,” and the Hobart mixers in the bakery can back him up on that claim. Or they would if they weren’t so busy, well, mixing. In the last year, these mixers have yielded 300,000 tons of bagel and bread dough alone!

“At DLM, the bakery is a critical piece of our business, and we’ve invested in some key pieces of equipment to ensure that our scratch-baked goods are prepared and baked to perfection,” says Fox.

In addition to various mixers, other key pieces of DLM equipment include a Fringand brick oven and a Pavailler cyclothermic oven, ideal for quality, crusty breads, as well as a Hobart rack oven that is in use 18 hours a day and produces pan bread, bagels, rolls, cookies and more.

What are the key pieces of equipment in your scratch baking and cooking efforts? Comment below!



My key piece of equipment is my Kitchen Aid Mixer, my Cuisinart food processor and my baking utensils!

One day my commercial kitchen will look like that... walk in freezers, Hobarts, rack ovens, cannot wait!

My key piece of equipment is my mixer. I want to update to a Hobart mixer but until I can I'm grateful for what I have.

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